Our therapists connect quickly and easily with young and old, are highly trained in evidenced-based methods, and get good outcomes with all kinds of situations and issues.  We all have at least a Master’s degree as well as a California state license to provide therapy.  Licensed therapists have completed the full credential required by the state, while Associate therapists are still accruing experience prior to sitting for the final state exam.  As such, Associate therapists are employed and supervised by a licensed therapist at New Growth.


Marriage and Family Therapists believe that you cannot truly understand a person until you have understood their relationships – who are they attached to? Who are they dependent on?  Who do they love?  Who do they feel hurt by?  MFTs believe that relationships are usually the primary source of comfort but can also be the largest source of suffering.  MFTs help individuals with their relationship to themselves – what they believe and feel towards themselves.  Our interventions ae rooted in developmental psychology, attachment and bonding theory, family systems theory, communication theory, and informed by the science of the brain and emotional processing – from our standpoint, helping people involves integrating all these fields during every session!


We are committed to fostering lasting change so that you ae not in therapy “forever.” We seek to understand so that we can pinpoint the source of your suffering and provide interventions that empower you to make changes. Some of the tools we provide are experiential and occur during the session (such as gaining awareness or processing powerful emotions) while some are tools that should be done outside of the session (such as practicing communication and parenting techniques).  Either way, we seek to help you create lasting change so that you no longer depend on us.

In-Person and Telehealth Appointments

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