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Andrea Morinoue

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #132624

Hi, I’m Andrea.


To put it simply, life can be hard.  Sometimes tremendous growth and change can come through the most difficult of times.  My hope is to understand how these difficult times are impacting you, and help guide you into a place of understanding, acceptance and changing the things that are not working.  Whether working with an individual, adolescent, family, or couple, I hold a safe space where you can identify the goals that work for you. Once I understand, we will spend each session focused on the next step to reaching those goals.

I have learned through my own therapy and academic training that our ability to connect and attach to others can be affected by our experiences in ways that we are unaware. The process of learning how we interact and why, can be life changing for our relationships to others and ourselves. After experiencing this shift for myself, I realize that everyone has their own journey and I want to be a part of witnessing and facilitating this transformation in the lives of my clients.  After a period of time exploring different careers such as hospitality management and television production, I found that the people I worked with were the reason I loved going to work. It felt natural to nurture this need to help people thrive and feel seen and heard.  

I received my Master of Arts in Marital & Family Therapy at Alliant International University in San Diego,  trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), EMDR and IFS (Internal Family Systems).   


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Testimonials for Andrea

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams, Senior Producer

Andrea is a special soul.  Her strength is her heart and passion to help people navigate life’s struggles. She’s the first person I turn to if I need someone to talk to about something that’s troubling me. She’s a great listener and has a way of helping me navigate an issue until I find my own answer. 

Trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy

EFT is the gold standard of care in treating relationship issues, and it is the bedrock of my training.


Life experience

I have experienced the every day stressors of life, as well as, unexpected traumas.  

Trained in EMDR

EMDR is the gold standard for treating  stuck emotions, traumas, self-defeating beliefs, and family-of-origin wounds.  

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