Emotionally Focused Therapy

At New Growth Counseling, we use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  Since the 1980s, EFT has been rigorously researched and validated as one of the most successful methods to date.  EFT demonstrates a high degree of long-term change with people years after therapy has concluded.

Research on couples receiving EFT therapy shows that 70-75% of people experience complete improvement in their relationship; for those who do not experience such a complete turn-around, 90% of all clients report significant improvement in their relationship.  The research on EFT with individuals and families has shown similar improvements in the treatment of depression, anxiety, anger issues, parent-child problems, adolescent issues, ADHD, parenting, traumatic experiences & PTSD, substance abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors. Click here for even more about EFT.

At New Growth, our therapists continually receive training in EFT and advance their skills as a part of our commitment to you.


Couples and family distress usually comes from negative communication patterns that can escalate quickly and cause people to feel misunderstood and upset.  For individuals not attending couples or family counseling, the distress can come from a relationship or from some triggering event which leads to a negative mood and can feel paralyzing or overwhelming, eventually leading to bad choices.

In the first stage of treatment, we will help you slow down and identify the sources of any negative patterns or triggers so you can gain some mastery over them.  We help couples and families to really hear each other so everyone feels understood, and problem solving becomes easier.  We help those attending individually to get relief from their negative moods and begin to explore new solutions to their problems.

During the second stage of EFT, we’ll help you uncover and address your unmet needs.  We help couples and families express their needs to each other in ways that actually leads to fulfillment.  We help individuals recognize and find healthy ways to assert their needs.  Any past hurts and injuries will be addressed – couples and families will repair and reconcile, while individuals will heal internally and move towards acceptance and peace.

In the final stage, we will help you create new patterns of thinking, communicating, and acting in order to strengthen your gains.  We will also help you to recognize the early warning signs that you might be headed backwards, and devise a plan to prevent that from ever happening.

In Practice since 1999

I’ve helped hundreds of kids, teens, and adults in family, couples, and individual counseling.

Advanced Certifications

Certified Therapist & Supervisor in Emotionally Focused Therapy (a method with 90% effectiveness)

Timely & Effective

My goal is to help you reach your goals in an efficient and timely manner, so you don’t have to stay in therapy forever.


Karen Mehringer, MA

Jussi is an incredible therapist who is keenly intuitive and honoring of his client’s process. I trust him implicitly and highly recommend him for healing and transformation of any kind.

Karen Mehringer

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Kathryn de Bruin

It is so easy to recommend Jussi. He is someone that I would see personally for therapy if I wasn’t a colleague or a friend. He is a skillful, sharp clinician who is well-known and well liked.

Kathryn de Bruin

Family therapist, Teacher

Dr. Mark Maxwell

Jussi is an outstanding therapist, especially working with couples. Jussi and I have worked together often in treatment teams, co-therapy and case conceptualization. He has a gift and I would highly recommend him!

Mark Maxwell

Couples Therapist, Adjunct Faculty

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