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Jussi Light

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #39617

Hi, I’m Jussi


Welcome to my practice.  I founded New Growth for people who want to make healthy, lasting change.

Making changes, while difficult, is ultimately empowering.  If you’re stuck, Ill help you discover what blocks you from moving forward.  Our journey together begins with your experience and perspective.  Once you feel that I “get it” then I will be able to help you discover the un-met needs within that keep you unfulfilled.  From that point, its a matter of developing skills to get those needs met in a healthy way for you today.  Our journey ends when you have confidence that you no longer need my help.

People ask me all the time “doesn’t it drive you nuts doing what you do?”  Actually no!  I got started in this career because I went to therapy as a young man and discovered that I loved the deep personal journey that good counseling provides.  I have sat longer in the “client” chair than the “therapist” one, and so feel good about sharing what has worked for me.

What really keeps me going is the incredible transformations I witness day-in and day-out in my office and with my colleagues for whom I provide training.  There is nothing so incredible as when one or more people discover how to be free from the things that keep them hurting.

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In Practice since 1999

I’ve helped hundreds of kids, teens, and adults in family, couples, and individual counseling.

Advanced Certifications

Certified Therapist & Supervisor in Emotionally Focused Therapy (a method with 90% effectiveness)

Timely & Effective

My goal is to help you reach your goals in an efficient and timely manner, so you don’t have to stay in therapy forever.

What others are saying about Jussi’s counseling….

Karen Merhringer

Karen Mehringer, Author, Speaker
Jussi is an incredible therapist who is keenly intuitive and honoring of his client’s process. I trust him implicitly and highly recommend him for healing and transformation of any kind.

Kathryn de Bruin

Kathryn de Bruin,
Family Therapist, teacher
It is so easy to recommend Jussi. He is someone that I would see personally for therapy if I wasn’t a colleague or a friend. He is a skillful, sharp clinician who is well-known and well liked.

Mark MaxwellDr. Mark Maxwell, Couples Therapist

Jussi is an outstanding therapist, especially working with couples. Jussi and I have worked together often in treatment teams, co-therapy and case conceptualization. He has a gift and I would highly recommend him!

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